Your first visit to our clinic

If you are thinking about visiting our clinic for the first time then we suggest you start with a dental examination. An exam allows us allows us to focus on your overall needs without the distraction of having a problem to deal with in the same appointment. This way we can treat you with a complete approach in mind and get to know each other properly before you commit to any treatment.

  • Arrive 5-10 minutes early

    At your first appointment this is particularly important as will need you to fill out a patient information form.

  • Clean your teeth before you come

    The cleaner your teeth are, the better and longer lasting our treatments will be.

  • Be open and honest

    We don't want you to feel bad if you have not been flossing! You will get some advice and encouragement - but that's about it.

Step 1. Diagnose any problems

During this visit we undertake any diagnostic tests required such as photographs and x rays so that we can explain your situation, answer all your questions and provide you with all the information you need.

Step 2. Treatment priority list

At the end we provide you with a detailed treatment plan showing with prices laid out in a prioritized list so that we can work towards your dental goals in a way that suits your needs.

Step 3. Quick clean and polish

It is also common to do a clean and polish on the same day as your exam if time permits. This is the process where the dentist will clean the build up of stain, plaque and calculus from your teeth and leaving them smooth and shiny.

Have a tooth problem right now?

We understand that in reality most people don't start their dental journey this way. You may be reading this thinking 'but I have a toothache I need fixed right away' or 'my tooth is broken and I just want that fixed'.

Let's take care of your initial problem right away. Wherever your journey begins, we will be there to help you.

Download our forms in advance

If you would like to get a head start before your first appointment you can download and complete these forms in advance. Please complete the form truthfully and provide all details of medications, medical problems and allergies to ensure you are treated safely and effectively.

Dental records typically include clinical notes and dental x rays which give us insight into your dental history. They may also save us having to retake x-rays or re-investigate a problems that have already been investigated.

Pricing and Payments

We are a fee for service dental practice and believe in providing personalised dental treatments and services that meet your needs. Fully independent, our dentists can provide you with genuine, and unbiased, advice on what's right for your teeth.

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