​Insurance Claims and Compensation Schemes

Help with your dental insurance claims

If you have been in an accident or workplace incident and your teeth have been damaged there is a process that needs to be followed to have your treatment appropriately covered and claimed by your insurer. We are familiar with that process and are able to help.

If we are dealing with a potential insurance case, there are some situations where urgent care is needed and we may not have yet had approval from your insurer (which takes time). In these situations it is best we help you to manage your dental concern as early as possible so that we can stabilise your condition and write a report to your insurer with relevant records to assist you with claiming reimbursement for the costs of such treatment and having it covered as an insurance claim.

What do I need to do?

We regularly assist with insurance claims for such incidents and can put forward a formal letter/report to your insurer regarding the claim and your dental injuries on your behalf. If you decide to proceed we are then also able to undertake any treatment necessary for your care once approval from your health insurer has been obtained.

We are also able to adopt existing insurance claims if you have an ongoing claim or existing claim. Let us know, we can assist with the transfer to our clinic from your previous dentist. This often requires a few more steps but we can facilitate the process to make it easier for you.

Request an assessment

So that we can liaise directly with your insurance company we will need your claim number and the case manager/contact from your insurance company.

​Insurance Claims and Compensation Schemes

How it works

Insurance and compensations claims are often slow and complex. For dental injuries insurers always need a report and evidence from a qualified dentist before they can proceed with a claim. There is an approval process that must be followed with your insurer and generally the sooner you can get us information regarding your case then the sooner we can get approval to proceed.

We can then often help you follow through with the necessary paperwork for the long term management of your case with the insurer. Often dental treatment requires long term follow up care and with insurance claims it is important we consider if your teeth will require any long term or follow up treatment after the initial damage has been addressed.

Step 1. Approval requested

Ideally we will wait until you have received approval from your insurer before beginning treatment. We can help to assess your situation and provide a report to your insurer to help speed up your approval process.

Step 2. Dental treatments completed

The sooner we can see your injuries the easier it is for us match them to your incident/injury. Urgent cases may need immediate attention in which case we can help you to find reimbursement after treatment.

Step 3. Paperwork completed

Invoices are sent directly to the insurer on your behalf in cases where we have been given approval. Often there are no out of pocket costs once your case has been approved.

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