Treatment performed by Dr Nomikos Rakkas

Case 1 – Tooth with root canal treatment reinforced with a single visit porcelain crown

Initial Situation

Celtra Duo Crown Polished and Fired

After Celtra Duo Crown









This man had a toothache from an infection building up inside this upper molar tooth. So we performed a root canal treatment on the tooth to clear the infection first. Then we made a full coverage bonded porcelain crown at our dental clinic in a single visit to reinforce his tooth for the long term.

Case 2 – Broken tooth fixed with a single visit porcelain crown

Initial presentation

After Celtra Duo CEREC crown








This man came in with a badly broken down premolar tooth that had just snapped off the day before. Fortunately the tooth was not painful and the nerve was still alive, so root canal treatment was not needed in this case. We chose to fix this badly damaged tooth using a single visit porcelain bonded crown.

Case 3 – Direct bonded composite resin fillings in a single visit

Before treatment

Following resin build ups









This woman’s upper front teeth were wearing thin over time, causing chipping. She also had some old stained unaesthetic fillings. Our treatment involved using layered composite resin filling material to restore her teeth in a single visit – in the process giving her teeth added strength and a more aesthetic appearance.

Case 4 – Take home bleaching results after 1 month

Original situation before whitening

FInal Whitening Results









This lady wanted to improve the color of her teeth. We made a professional take home whitening kit for safe daily applications of whitening gel for 1 hour a day over a period of 1 month. This is a simple and lasting treatment protocol that we often use. If desired, further improvements can be achieved if the patient chooses to continue bleaching her teeth.

Case 5 – Replacement of amalgam (mercury based) filling

Initial Presentation

Prepared Tooth
Amalgam Removed

Finished Restoration








This woman had an old amalgam filling that was showing signs of marginal deterioration and leakage. Our treatment was to replace this filling with a layered and bonded tooth colored direct composite resin filling.

Case 6 – Before / After Clean 










Here is an example of significant stain/build up after only 5 months. We cleaned up these teeth in a single visit with and a Scale, Clean and Polish.

Color Skin

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